FREE Amaranth Deluxe Whitening & Anti-Aging Bar Soap for every Silver Account Activated


For every Silver account activated this month, you will get a FREE Amaranth Deluxe Whitening & Anti-Aging Bar.

Yes it's for every account. So meaning kung nag-Lucky 7 si downline, meron syang FREE 7 Amaranth Deluxe soaps.

Promo runs from June 1-30, 2014 only!


1. Activate account through the usual process = Register (contact me for activation)

2. Go to e-shop, click Membership Packages.

3. Select CLAIM FREEBIES and then indicate the number of Silver accounts in June.

4. Select Philippines for immediate shipping. Select Others if you would like to ship it along with your other orders/PP or if this is going to be shipped to an International address or if you would like to put it on hold. Select Pick-Up if you will pick up your freebies at the office.

5. Enter Recipient Name, Complete Address with Zip Code and Mobile Number

6. Click CHECKOUT if you have no other regular orders na isasabay.

Shipping will be shouldered by the member or pwede ito i-combine sa ibang orders or PowerPacks.

Deadline for claiming of FREEBIES will be on July 1, 2014. Failure to claim on or before the deadline will forfeit the freebies.

So don't forget to shop and claim after activation of account.

Make Money Online While Working Only 2 Hours A Day

There is no secret anymore "at this point" that Technowise 360 members already earned a passive and steady income while working for just 14 hours a Week or less - that's 2 hours a day at least. Most find this very hard to believe that we can generate this type of income while only working 3 hours a day. It is also unbelievably hard for someone whose working for 8 -14 hours to EVER believe that we only work 2 hours a day. More significantly, it’s very sad for anyone to work 40-80 hours a week at the line of work they hate and never spend  their time doing what is more important such as spending time with the family, relaxing, or just doing something they really love.

It really does not have to be like this:

However, Is It Possible To Work Only 2 Hours A Day With Technowise 360?

Having such any type of businesses where there is a high potential income, the problem with traditional business is in; owning or leasing a building, employees, etc. where there is a huge headache on managing all these types of problems. For instance I knew a guy who owned a Convenient Store. He made good profit, but he as well constantly had nervous breakdowns from the amount of stress he went through everyday in managing everything and for working 14 hours a day. Not in a hundred years would I want that headache where my business owned's me, instead of me who owned my business. There is a big difference between those Two scenarios.

Which is EQUAL on owning and operating your own food business or restaurant, taking out a 100,000 - 250,000 pesos of loan just to operate the place etc. In my opinion, this is not so worthy to have headache and the hassles compared to having an online business like we do, especially a business like Technowise 360 that only costs Php 360 to start!

The reason in Online Business owners, especially in a online business opportunity like Technowise 360, can get off with working 2 hours a day or less, is because of Leverage. What is Leverage if you ask? It is the most awesome concept in the world of business and goes hand in hand in online business opportunities.

Leverage is,  you are making money off the efforts of everybody around your team, with just a bit or less of work or action on your part. In the traditional world of business this would be the owner hiring employees (what a head ache) with an online business it’s having a compensation plan that pays you over and over from your online store, endorsements, cashback, e-load earnings, bonuses and referrals, such as the Private Revenue Sharing that gets insanely profitable by just referring 2 people or more if you want more with only Php 360 and this process will just duplicate. Sure! sounds alot easier and better than managing employees and all that nightmare, huh? ;)

How Can I Work Only 2 Hours A Day Like You Do and Have Your Time Freedom and Income?

You just simply have to get started with Technowise 360. Perform the simple actions and procedures that we follow and want to make more money each and everyday. With this over time - very quickly combines and duplicates and all the unforeseen you have superseded whatever revenue you have at your job with your online business, with less effort and work on your part. This is truly residual passive income that gives you the time freedom to do whatever you want, or do like we do and works only 2 hours a day and answer queries from the people who are interested in this business.

Technowise also provides Special Trainings, Offline and Online Presentations, Webinars (Online Seminars) and Offline Seminars  to show you how to Really Earn and refer more invites to Surely explode your income with the program on a daily basis.

Technowise 360 Offers you the Following:

1. Low entry but long term business with upgrade option to higher income potential
2. Powerful Payplan. Uniquely designed compensation plan combining Linear and Binary
3. Unavoidable Residual Income. Earnings from load and product consumption
4. 100% Team Support. Great marketing tools and materials. With customer care team.
5. Flexible and Limitless - Not limited to few products because it's e-commerce.
6. Wide Selection of Great Quality and Affordable Products
7. Daily Encashment with a lot of payout options - electronic and even check by mail!
8. Pioneering - Yes you are among the first to learn about this opportunity!
9. E-loading System integrated into the back office - Hassle-free loading system where you can convert your earnings and use for loading your cellphone.
10. Unlimited earnings without selling anything.

watch this recorded webinar

If Your Ready For Time Freedom Then Click the ‘Register’ Button on the Rigth Side of this Blog.

Incredible Online Business In The Philippines


If you're looking for a company that totally understands you as an employee, professional and/or entrepreneur or even a student, Technowise 360 is 'THE' right company for you. It's very profitable and affordable—absolutely fantastic!

Be appreciative, but never settle for anything less than what you deserve so work with a company that encourages its associates to aim higher, thus bringing them one step closer to financial success.

Enjoy a myriad of privileges and advantages only at Technowise 360!

This is the break that you've been waiting for that you so badly need in your life right now.

EARNING BIG doesn't require leaving home. At Technowise 360, you will enjoy lots of privileges and advantages like you've never experienced before!

Technowise 360 is the perfect company for you. It's very affordable and profitable—absolutely amazing!

It's more efficient. You get to spend more time with your family without having to worry about schedules and deadlines. After all, you own a business. You are the boss.

You should try it. The amount of knowledge you'll gain from this experience is priceless—not to mention the huge amount of money that you could gain.


Technowise 360 really is one of the front-runners—if not the front-runner—of online network marketing in the Philippines today. With its amazing business plan, it's undeniable that it's a network marketing company tailor-made for everyone—regardless of their status in life.

If you're looking for a company that totally understands you as a professional and/or entrepreneur, Technowise 360 is 'THE' right company for you. It's very profitable and affordable—absolutely fantastic!

Be appreciative, but never settle for anything less than what you deserve so work with a company that encourages its associates to aim higher, thus bringing them one step closer to financial success.

Enjoy a myriad of privileges and advantages only at Technowise 360!

This is the break that you've been waiting for that you so badly need in your life right now.

Read more About Technowise 360:  
Fantastic Promos 'The Big Deal' for April 2014 
Customer Loyalty Incentive Program (CLIP) 
Earn 1 Million in 1 Month (360 to a million challenge) 
Technowise 360 Lehitimo at legal na negosyo online

Fantastic Promos 'The Big Deal' for April 2014 from Technowise 360


Fantastic Promos 'The Big Deal' for April 2014 from Technowise 360

Hindi nawawalan ng mga bagong pasabog ang Technowise 360.
More reasons why you should go for multiple accounts. BIGGER income, UNLIMITED opportunities plus FREEBIES!!!

Kung bibili ka rin lang ng produkto, sabayan mo na yan ng business opportunity at ng magkaroon ka na ng sarili mong Online Store at higit sa lahat, Kikita ka Pa sa Prepaid Load. 

Grab our BIG DEAL promo this April.

1. Account Activation
2. Shopping vouchers (discount vouchers)
3. E-Loading Mobile Activation
4. Replicated Website
5. Free E-Books
6. Free Trainings
7. Business Opportunity

There's more..
100% Team Support
With Online Customer Service
Daily Payout
Multiple Options for Payout (Smart Money, Gcash, Eastwest, Check etc)
Reliable and credible management team
Guaranteed safe compensation plan!
Long term business!

Silver Triple - FREE Amaranth Soap
Silver Quad - FREE Aloe Vera Deep Heating Rub (P675)
Silver Five - FREE Vitamin C with Rosehip (P725)
Silver Six - FREE Fruit & Vegetable Blend (P995)
Silver Lucky 7 - FREE Olive Oil + 1 Amaranth Soap (P1,449)

Valid for single receipt purchase only.

Maximum of 7 Business Accounts.

For more information please watch videos here:

Check out our website:

Sign-up link:

Add/PM me for assistance:

Customer Loyalty Incentive Program (CLIP) - Technowise 360

Technowise 360's 9th WAY TO EARN - CLIP 360 Customer Loyalty Incentive Program CLIP360 



Technowise 360’s 9th way to earn where revenues from PowerPack Product Promos are shared among qualified members on a company-wide scale. 

It is a program that is created to give incentives to the loyal shoppers and users of the products on the e-shop. This is consumer empowerment at its best!


For every purchase of PowerPack, P360 will be placed in the PROFIT-SHARING POOL (PSP) which will then be shared by all the qualifiers within the company whether the purchase came from your downline, upline and even crossline.

How to earn CLIP shares? 

1. You must be an ACTIVATED member of Technowise 360 

2. Your account status must be QUALIFIED to receive consumption earnings. (New accounts are always exempted for PV maintenance on their first month) 
3. You must purchase PowerPack for only P999 to enroll into the program and earn points. 

Enrollment to CLIP 

Your first purchase will get you enrolled to the program and will make you eligible to CLIP Privileges. 


* To get credits for PowerPack Points from Referral (PPR). 
* To earn PowerPack Endorsement Bonus.

How to earn Personal PowerPack Points (PPP)? 

Each PowerPack you buy is equivalent to 1 PowerPack Point (PP). 

You will earn PowerPack Points from your 2nd purchase onwards.

How to earn PowerPack Points?

Example if you buy 3 PowerPacks, you will have 3 OPEN SHARES

1st PowerPack Point will always become your ENROLLMENT to the program. Your succeeding purchases will become your PowerPack Personal Points (PPP)

How to earn PowerPack Points?

To convert your open shares to ACTIVE shares, you may either purchase new PowerPacks or endorse this program to your existing or new direct referrals.

Is there a limit as to the number of CLIP shares?

There is no purchasing limit for POWERPACKS but there is an encoding limit of CLIP shares. 31 CLIP CODES PER DAY (Silver) 127 CLIP CODES PER DAY (Gold)


Each ACTIVE SHARE will be in the program for 180 days but if the CLIP BONUS reaches P3,600 earnings, it will become MATURE and will stop receiving further CLIP Bonus.


Account eligibility for Group Consumption earnings must be QUALIFIED to keep receiving CLIP Bonus. Required personal PV must be maintained to keep the shares QUALIFIED to receive CLIP Bonus.


Customer Loyalty Incentive Program or (CLIP360) is designed to be a continuing program. It is not a temporary program or promo of Technowise 360 but is now a part of its compensation plan. This program aims to promote product movement in a company-wide effort creating an equal distribution of profits to all CLIP shares. The income in this program will always depend on PowerPack sales and is in no way a guaranteed income.

Endorsement Bonus will be P30 for each powerpack purchased by your direct referral and if you're a Gold member you will get P50 per powerpack.

Only 500 shares will be encoded before May 6, 2014. Those who will reserve will be part of the first 500. On May 6 - this will be open to the public and to anyone who would like to join the program.

CLIP360 is DAILY INCOME, once na naging active na shares mo, your share will start earning the following day as long as of course the PowerPacks are selling.

Each PowerPack is P999

Maximum income limit per active share is P3,600.
Initial PowerPack Products:
PowerPack A- 5 pcs Amaranth Deluxe
PowerPack B- 1 Grapeseed + 1 Amaranth Deluxe
PowerPack C- 1 Vitamin C w/ Rosehips + 1 Amaranth Deluxe
PowerPack D- 1 Fruits & Vegetable Blend + 1 Amaranth Travel Soap
PowerPack E - 1 EFA Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules
PowerPack F - 1 EFA Olive Oil Capsules
PowerPack G - 1 Spirulina + 1 Amaranth Deluxe
PowerPack H - 1 Tart Cherry + 1 Amaranth Deluxe

Upcoming PowerPacks (available in May)

1 Leptin Weight Loss Plum
4 Amaranth Black Diamond

Make sure your account is OVERRIDES QUALIFIED in May to receive CLIP360 Bonus.


1. To boost members' income
2. To get Technowise 360 more exposure thus promoting our unique payplan and concept
3. To give opportunity to the loyal users of our products to earn even without recruiting
4. To give opportunity to investors who would like to make their money work for them (PASSIVE INCOME)
5. To promote Technowise 360 products on a more aggressive way.

Here in Technowise, we never stop innovating!

Sign-up link:


1. What is CLIP360?
It’s a profit-sharing program designed to reward loyal users and buyers of Technowiseshop.
2. How can I join CLIP360?
You must be an activated member of Technowise360. You may activate an account for as low as P360 if you’re not yet a member.
3. I am an inactive member of Technowise360, can I still join CLIP360?
Yes just make sure your account status is QUALIFIED so you can receive profit-sharing bonus.
4. Is this a monoline?
No. Technowise360 is a binary and unilevel company. CLIP360 is optional for members and does not follow a particular structure in profit-distribution.
5. How does the profit distributed?
The profit is distributed equally among all the ACTIVE CLIP SHARES as of 11:59PM of the previous day. For every purchase of PowerPack, P360 will be distributed real-time to all active shares. So for example, there are 100 active CLIP shares and for that day, 50 PowerPacks were sold, each share will now have a CLIP Bonus of (360×50/100) P180.00
6. Is this legit?
Technowise360 is registered with Securities and Exchange Commission on May 6, 2013 as a private corporation. The company is an e-commerce mlm company with headquarters in Unit 203 Mint Hotel Bldg, McArthur Hiway, Balibago, Angeles City, Pampanga. It has a proven track record of products 100% delivered to customers in the local and international market and 100% paid commissions to its members in a timely manner.
7. Who are the people behind Technowise360?
Read here:
8. How do I earn without selling and referring people?
You can earn purely by consumption that is by purchasing PowerPack for P999 each. Your first PowerPack purchase will enroll you to the program. Your 2nd purchase onwards will give you PowerPack points. For every 2 PowerPack points earned you get 1 Active CLIP share. Which means if you purchase 5 PowerPack, you will get 4 PowerPack Points (PP) and will have 2 ACTIVE CLIP SHARES.
9. How much will each of my CLIP SHARE earn?
Each active CLIP share will start earning the following day after it earned 2 PP. Daily income will vary depending on sales made from the PowerPacks.
10. When will my active CLIP share stop earning?
It will stop earning after 180 days in the program or as soon as it reaches an accumulated income of P3,600. It may also stop earning if your account becomes NOT QUALIFIED.
11. How do I keep my account QUALIFIED to receive CLIP shares?
During the first and second month of your account activation you are QUALIFIED to receive both group overrides and CLIP Bonus. In order to keep your account QUALIFIED on the 3rd month, you must purchase at least 30PV by purchasing load or products in the e-shop on or before that last calendar day on your 2nd month.
12. Can I also earn from inviting people to join this program?
Definitely. When you refer other people to join the program, you will get PowerPack Points (PP) as well. To convert your open share to an ACTIVE share all you need to do is invite 2 people to join CLIP360. In addition to the PP, you will also earn ENDORSEMENT BONUS everytime they purchase a PowerPack.
13. How fast can my active CLIP share reaches maturity of P3,600?
It depends. If sales are high, your active share may earn the maximum within 2-6 weeks time but if sales are low, it could be longer than 6 weeks. Remember, there’s a CLIP Bonus if there’s profit and there will only be profit if there are sales. So the more people purchasing PowerPacks, the faster your CLIP share could mature.
14. Until when is this promo?
This is a continuing program of Technowise360 and is now a part of its compensation plan as its 9th way of earning.
15. What payment methods are you accepting?
Smart Money, G-Cash, BDO, Cyber EON, Eastwest, PS Bank, Cebuana Lhuillier and Western Union.
16. How do I claim my products?
You may visit our office to pick-up your products or you may request the products to be shipped via LBC/JRS/A-Best at your expense. It will only take 2-3 business days for this to get processed. We also ship via EMS if you would like to send it to an international address just add the necessary shipping fee to your order.
17. How can I get my commissions?
You can add to your order a Globe G-Cash PowerPay card for only P120.00 so you can easily get your commissions without the hassle. You may also request for CHECK PAYOUT which you can either pickup at Angeles City corporate office or request it to be mailed to your home address.
18. Where do I check my earnings?
You may check your account by logging in to
19. Is this program safe?
Definitely. It’s a worry-free program as the payout per PowerPack is fixed at P360 each so it will never overpay.
20. Is there a limit as to the number of PowerPacks that I can purchase?
There is no limit when purchasing but during encoding you are only limited to 31 CLIP Codes per day. If you would like to increase this limit to 127 Codes per day you may upgrade your account to Gold status by purchasing a Gold Package worth P5,995.
21. Are there other ways to earn in Technowise360 aside from this program?
Yes. There are 8 more ways to earn through its hybrid compensation plan. You can check this for more details:

Sign-up link:

Add and Send me a Message on FB :

How to pay and become a member of Technowise 360

How to pay and become a member of Technowise 360

Here's the Mode of Payments for Technowise 360 after you sign-up here (Registration Form)

Our preferred payment method is
Smart Money (for faster verification)

It could take up to 48 hours for us to verify remittance payments. So choose electronic transfers or bank deposit for faster processing.

BANK DEPOSIT - no charge (except BDO, so use Smart Money when you pay through BDO)

For other banks no additional charge.

Paying thru SMARTMONEY

Kapag nagbayad ka thru Smart Money BDO always choose SMARTMONEY as a payment option when sending E-wallet fund request.
Open your account>E-wallet>Submit Payment>Smartmoney

Kindly check the photo below kung saan makikita ang reference #. 17 characters na combination po ng numbers and letters. 

Kailan mo pipiliin ang BDO Saving?
Kapag nagpadala ka sa bank natin na naka pangalan kay Ma'am Reach?
Kapag smart money padala/smart money transfer naman paano?

Choose SMARTMONEY parin kapag nag send ka ng E-wallet fund.
17 characters na combination po ng numbers and letters ang reference number kapag nagbayad ka sa smartmoney thru BDO.

Smart money used: Kung saan mo po pinadala yung bayad. Kung saang account number po ng Technowise.
5299 6718 1335 8113 
5299 6728 7119 4127 

5299 6737 0054 7105
17 characters na combination po ng numbers and letters ang reference number kapag nagbayad ka sa smartmoney thru BDO.

Other Methods of Payment:

Smart Money Transfer (0.05% of the amount transfer charge)
Smart Money Padala (with transfer charge)
5299 6718 1335 8113

Technowise 360 Inc.

Reference Numbers:
Smart Money Transfer/Smart Padala
Reference Number is the 12-digit number sent through text by Smart

Smart Money-BDO

Reference Number is the numbers and letters after the Date and Time printed on the receipt by the bank.

Please add 2% Globe G-Cash Fee when paying through G-Cash.
Silver Activation is P368 per account

Globe Upgrade is P6,115 per upgrade

After making a payment, please send scanned copy of the deposit slip to for FASTER VERIFICATION.

BDO Deposit is only for international clients. Use BDO-Smart Money if you are here in the Philippines. If you use BDO Deposit you will be charged P50.00 by the bank.

You can deposit through Eastwest Bank in any branch nationwide FREE OF CHARGE.

Send payments directly to our VISA account.
4215 8500 1914 6480
Account Name: Reachet Yanes

We are not accepting LBC Pick Up Payments. If you would like to send a remittance, please use Western Union or Cebuana Lhuillier.

Please send only your payments to our Finance Manager
Melchor D. Rodriguez
Angeles City, Pampanga


But before validating your payments, you must sign up first (Registration Form) 

Technowise 360 Official Address and Location

Welcome to Technowise 360 Official Address and Location (The Corporate Office)

Good News to everyone who are interested to witness an offline presentation of Technowise 360, Inc.. because finally, the Corporate office is now open to the public.

New Corporate Office Location: Unit 203 and 205 2nd Floor Jim Bldg, Mc Arthur Hiway Service Road, Balibago, Angeles City 

(infront of Pagcor, near Diamond Subd)

This is where Technowise 360, Inc. conduct a product presentation, a seminars / webinars and trainings.

Let's have a tour;

PLUS a new PROMO from Technowise (until March 31, 2014)

Get them now by going to

Packages List
A - 4pcs Amaranth Soaps
B - Garcinia Cambogia
D - VitC w/ Rosehips + Amaranth
E - Fruits & Vegetable Blend

***Silver Account Benefits (worth 360 Pesos):

1. P300 Shopping Vouchers (use at
2. Account activation
3. Lifetime membership slot
4. One year privilege membership (renewable)
5. Free Webinars and Online Trainings
6. 100% Team Support
7. Free Marketing Materials
8. Referral link
9. Mobile registration for personal loading
10. Free Quality E-Books

You can earn in 8 ways:
1. Sponsor Bonus – P50-P350 per referral
2. Upgrade Bonus -P500 to P3,500 per upgraded referral
3. Linear Income – earn up to 12th level
4. Matching Bonus – P50 per pair (30 pairs per day)
5. Cashback – 100% of PV
6. Endorsement Bonus – 100% of PV
7. Group Overrides – earn from load and purchases of your downlines
8. Infinity Bonus – earn up to infinite level when you advance rank!

Want to maximize your INCOME? Go for LUCKY 7 accounts.

This promo is from March 1-31, 2014

So hurry grab yours today and become part of the best online multi-level marketing in the Philippines today!

Maximum of 7 Business Accounts. 

Learn how to start an Online Business with Technowise 360: Read more......

Magandang Negosyo at Ang Negosyo Sa Online

Ano Ang Magandang Negosyo Ngayon Lalo Na Ang Negosyo Sa Online?

Una sa lahat, nais naming ipaalam sa lahat na meron tayong magandang negosyo ngayon 2014 na puwede nating subukan at pag-aralan.

Ito ang Negosyo Sa Online na Pang-Masa.

At ito ay ang handog at bigay na oportunidad ng Technowise 360, Inc.

Ano nga ba ang Technowise 360?

Here is a Slide Presentation about Technowise 360

Sa ngayon po, alam nyo na ito ang masasabi naming pinakamagandang negosyo gamit ang internet, facebook o anumang platform ng social networking site.

At take note: Php 360 only to start for silver account (walang additional charges or hidden fees)

"Pasado po ang Technowise 360 sa DSAP 8 Point Rule, kaya hindi po ito Scam"
Ano ang makukuha sa halagang Php 360 dito sa Technowise?

1. 300 worth of shopping voucher na magagamit mo when you purchase techno products.
2. free online store na agad. (tulad ng sa akin)
3. makakasali ka na agad sa program ng mga incentives (car, house &lot and business franchise.
4. free ebooks
5. free trainings and seminars
6. full support from admin, staff and customer care
7. 1 year full privileged as technowise member
8. register 1 mobile number for self e-loading
9. personal back office (online)

A little info lang po about technowise360 - Technowise po ay isang e-commerce na company na katulad ng ebay, amazon, zalora, alibaba, multiply etc,.

(online) e-commerce site "other websites" - kung saan meron itong mga products na ibenibenta sa pamamagitan ng internet or online selling and buying pero ang kumikita lang nito ay yong mga nagmamay-ari o yong mga taong merong ibinibenta, sa madaling salita kung member ka nito at wala kang products na galing mismo sa iyo ay wala kang kikitain o kung meron man ngunit walang bumibili ay wala ka ring kikitain.

(offline) 'Familiar po ba kayo sa Avon, MSI, Boardwalk, DXN and any other networking company?

Ito po yung mga traditional business marketing na medyo hassle when it comes to referring, convincing, sponsoring dahil kinakailang mo pa gumastos dito ng malaki (pamasahe, snacks, time consuming and more)

Pero dito sa Technowise, Kakaiba dahil pinagsama ang systema ng e-commerce, offline at mlm o multi-level-marketing na kung saan meron itong 8 hanggang 10 paraan para ang mga members nito ay siguradong may kikitain (basta ito ay pinag-uukulan ng pansin - 2 to 3 hours a day online works - kauna-unahan po ito sa Pilipinas at maaring sa buong Asya na rin.

Marami pong products ang technowise (Health & wellness, beauty & care, cosmetics, child's health and care, fashion, body & weight loss) na higit na po sa isang-daan at parami ng parami pa po ito, dahil isa sa mga target ng technowise ay magkaroon na rin tayo ng mga gadgets (e.g. cellphone, smartphone, mobile gadgets, etc). puede nyo pong tingnan dito:

Being a Memeber - Di po tayo nagbebenta (*consumer impowerment) ang ginagawa po natin ay; endorse, promote, refer, *consume (load, gaming loads and products)..

Napaka generous ng technowise, dahil meron tayong challenge to own a brand new car, house and lot, gadgets, business franchise (unlimited winners).. 

=> Discover why Technowise 360 is the best MLM company in the Philippines!

Its flexibility make it more appealing to the market. Sabi nga ni Bill Gates "If you're market is not online, you're out of business" . Technowise 

360 is not just like other online business out there. We have combined the power of E-COMMERCE plus the MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING.

1. We have a Powerful ComPlan of Binary and Linear Combined.
=> 8-10 Ways to Earn Including Products Sales Commission
2. We have an Online Shop with More than 100 Products.
3. We have an Outstanding Customer Support.

Be a member of Technowise 360 tapos hataw agad! Mas mabilis, mas maganda - BIG earnings plus bonggang reward from Technowise 360.
Grabe, sobrang dali!

-ACTIVE member of Technowise 360 ay automatic kasama ka na sa program
-BIGGER opportunities (magiging milyonaryo ka na, may BONUS kapa!)
-NO RESTRICTIONS! (diskarte mo, income mo!)

How to qualify?

1. Hit 1M accumulated earnings within 30 days from date of activation.
REWARD: choice of car, house & lot or a business franchise of your choice. Worth 1.4MILLION

2. Hit 1M accumulated earnings within 60 days from date of activation.
REWARD: Choice of car, house & lot or a business franchise of your choice. Worth P500,000

3.Hit 1M accumulated earnings within 90 days from date of activation.
REWARD: Choice of car down payment, a used quality car, house renovation or a business capital of your choice. Worth P300,000

Sulit na sulit! Your prize, your choice! Saan ka pa diba?!

Simulan mo na to para, by the next month or next couple of months or in less than a year ay financially free ka na at sigurado ka pang wala kang talo dito.

If Interested, Just Register in "Button" on the Right Side of this Blog/Site and Send Me a message on my FB.


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Technowise 360 Promo for Lucky 7 Account (February 2014)

Go for LUCKY 7 accounts which is the BEST structure plus FREEBIES!

Get 2 Free Amaranth Deluxe Whitening Soap by getting LUCKY 7 

Go for LUCKY 7 accounts.
Potential Income P10,500 per day
Only P2,520 to start!

What you will get in return?
1. 7 Account Activation
2. P2,100 worth of Shopping vouchers
3. 7 E-Loading Mobile Activation
4. Replicated Website
5. Free E-Books
6. Free Trainings
7. Business Opportunity

PLUS!!! Free 2pcs of Amaranth Deluxe Whitening Soap
valued at P498! It's FREE! Save a lot!

Promo ends February 18, 2014.

What is Technowise 360 Lucky 7

Comparison of Lucky 7 to other Accounts

To learn more, What is Technowise 360?

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